Fashion designed by form 6b – a project in our English lesson

(6b and Susanne Schwesig) 

Old clothes – new designs


Welcome to our fashion show. We want to show you our new collection.

Our first model is Nikolina. She is wearing old clothes with a new design. We made this pullover from old clothes. The pullover is the loveliest and the prettiest. On this pullover you can read ‘I love you’.
The next model is Vivian. She is wearing a grey T-shirt. On the T-shirt there is a pocket made from an old pair of trousers, a zipper and a chain. The T-shirt is beautiful, isn’t it?
The next model is Catalina. She is wearing an old pair of trousers with a button- design and a pocket. It`s a lovely pair of trousers.
The last model is Jessica. She is wearing a red T-shirt. On the T-shirt there is the ‘Hello Kitty’- label, a pocket and a button-design. It’s a cute shirt. We hope that you like it.
That’s the end of our fashion show. Thank you for watching it.

[Nikolina, Jessica, Catalina, Vivian]

Different types of girls

Welcome to our fashion show. We want to show you three different types of girls. They are:
the glitter girl, the coolest girl and the crazy girl.

Please welcome our first model: the glitter girl. She is wearing a white top with a flower, a lot of glitter and a pair of shorts with glittering holes. She looks very lovely, doesn’t she?

The next model in our show is the coolest girl. She is wearing a white top and a pair of black trousers. We made the trousers with a lot of holes. They look very pretty and cool, don’t they? And the cool girl is wearing a green and black cap.

The last model in our fashion show is our surprise. She is a crazy girl in a blue plastic garbage bag and garbage shoes. She is wearing a white belt, too. Doesn´t she look good in her dress? Yes, she does.

This was our fashion show. We hope that you have liked it.


[Anna-Lena, Fenja, Melisa]

Clothes made of old curtains
Welcome to our fashion show. We want to show you dresses made from old curtains.

Please welcome our first model Nora. She´s wearing a self-made jacket. We made it from old white curtains. The jacket has purple buttons and a very beautiful big collar. Nora is also wearing a purple belt. We all together were the designers.
The next model in our show is Laura. She´s wearing a long self-made curtain dress. The straps and the border of the dress are red. There are also some beautiful glittering stickers. We made this dress from old curtains, too and we all were the designers.

We had lots of fun with the project.
This was our fashion show. We hope you have liked it.

[Leonie, Vivienne, Nora, Laura]

New meets old

Welcome to our fashion show. We want to show you our nice ‘new meets old’ collection. Please, welcome out first model Matteo. He’s wearing a pair of black glasses and a green, yellow and blue scarf, a cool grey shirt and an old pullover. Doesn’t he look cool in it? And the pullover is very warm, too.

So now comes Markus. He is wearing a black top hat, a black scarf, an old pullover, too, and a cool blue shirt.
Both models are wearing nice black jeans.
And here comes Besjan, the waiter. He looks very nice and he is serving our models some tea.
So that’s the end of our fashion show. The models were Matteo and Markus. The designer was Besjan and he also made the music.
And the presenter was Maxi. Bye, bye, we hope you have enjoyed it.

[Maxi, Besjan, Markus, Matteo]

VFL Osnabrueck
Welcome to our fashion show with the motto ’VFL Osnabrueck’. Our models are David and Marc and Johan is making the music. Look, he is wearing a VFL-scarf and a strap around his wrist.

Welcome our first model: Here is David! The fan of VFL Osnabrueck. He is wearing a purple and white VFL-scarf, a purple and white shirt and a VFL-cap. He has a VFL-flag, too. The scarf is lovely, isn’t it? And David can also make a lot of noise with his fan ‘instrument’.
The nest model is Marc. He is a VFL player. He is wearing a purple and white VFL-shirt, a pair of VFL-shorts and silver and orange trainers. Wow, they are really cool, aren’t they?
That was our fashion show. Thank you for watching it. We hope you have liked it. And good luck VFL in your next match.

[Timon, Johann, David, Marc]

No Fans no fun

Welcome to our fashion show, our motto is: „No fans, no fun“. We think football players are only as good, as their fans are. Have fun and here is our first model: Jasper!!!

He’s a fan of Germany. His tricot and his scarf are black, red and gold. These are our national colours and his look is amazing.
The second model is a fan of Munich: Timm, my dear boys and girls!!! His tricot, his scarf and his flag are all red and so lovely. In his real life he’s a Munich fan too.
The last model is a fan of two clubs and he likes them so much: Fabian!!! He’s a fan of Osnabruck and Bremen. He has two scarves – one is green of Bremen and one is purple of Osnabruck. His purple tricot is belongs to Osnabruck. His green trousers belong to Bremen.
And now they are going to present their clothes with a ball.
That was our fashion-show! Did you like it? Thanks for watching it!


If you have always wanted to know how ‘hackers’ look like, here they are. It is true; they look like normal 12-year-old boys. So, be careful, they can be anywhere.

Of course we won’t tell you their names.