Englandfahrt 2013


54 Schüler unserer 7. Klassen haben vom 7. – 11. April im Rahmen der Englandfahrt unter anderem Whitstable, Herne Bay, Canterbury und London besucht. Hier der Bericht unserer Schülerinnen und Schüler:

Broadstairs and Dover Castle

On our first day in England we went to Broadstairs in the morning. It was windy and a little bit cold. My friends and I wanted to take a picture at the beach, but a wave came over us and our feet were very wet. After the beach we went shopping and most of the girls went to Primark.

Then we went to Dover Castle. In four groups we visited the castle with our teachers. The castle is very big and from its top we had a beautiful view.

After that, at the end of the day, we went to Whitecliffs, which is a beach with white stones. That’s why it is called Whitecliffs. Some of the boys and girls tried to climb up the stones.

All in all, it was an exciting and interesting day.

(Vy Vo, 7b)

Our day in London

On Tuesday there was our trip to London.

First we met at 8.30 and went by bus to the big city, where we arrived at 11o`clock. Then we made a sightseeing tour with a guide who told us the stories of many sights, for exampleTowerBridge, the Shard (tallest building in Europe), St Paul´s Cathedral …. etc.

At TowerBridge we got out of the bus and our classes walked to the Shard. Having looked at the building we continued our sight seeing tour. Our bus crossed TowerBridge, we saw St Paul’s Cathedral, the London Eye, Piccadilly Circus etc. Again we left the bus and walked to BuckinghamPalace, where we had time to take some pictures.

Before we went to the London Eye we got some time to go shopping and have something to eat and drink. Near the London Eye there were some acrobats and many students took photos of them. Then we watched a movie about the story of the London Eye in a 4D cinema before we took a 30-minute ride: each class in a different capsule.

After this fantastic ride we had to hurry to the Globe Theatre. There we were divided into two groups for our workshop. A man and a woman told their groups the story of the building and asked us many questions. Then we acted scenes from the play Romeo and Juliet.

At 7.30 we started our journey back to Whitstable and at 9 pm our host families picked us up after a wonderful day in London.

(Zarah Ahmed, 7b)


On Wednesday we went to Canterbury by bus. From the car park we walked to the large cathedral. Before we went in we watched a short film about it. Then we went into the large cathedral. It was fantastic to see the big stones.

After our visit we had a rally in the city of Canterbury and went shopping for five hours. I like shopping but that was too much.

At the end we took the bus back to Whitstable and visited the beach there and lost a ball (poor ball). That was our day in Canterbury.

(Mick & Nico, 7b)

 Our trip to London

On the second day of our trip to England we went to London. It was a very long day but we had a lot of fun.

We met at the collecting point at 8 am and with the bus we travelled to London.  There a nice tour guide got onto our bus and told us a lot about London and its sights. For example, we saw BuckinghamPalace, TowerBridge, the Gherkin and Harry Potter’s “Winkelgasse”. She also told us about London’s history.

Then we went to the London Eye. There were lots of people who were dressed in a funny way. They made magical tricks like standing in the air. After we had stood in line for a while, we went into a capsule of the London Eye. We could look all over London, saw most of the sights from above and took a lot of photos. It was very interesting and we had a nice view.

At last we walked along the Thames to the Globe Theatre where we had a workshop. A man told us a lot about the history of the theatre and after that we enacted “Romeo and Juliet”. It was very funny and we learned a lot about Shakespeare and his plays.

At 8pm we went back to Whitstable and we all were very tired…

It was a fantastic day with lots of fun and a day I’ll never forget.